CW shuffles CS:GO roster

After a period of mediocre results culminating with two losses and an early exit at DreamHack Winter, the decision has been made to shuffle the CS:GO roster and take in two new try outs for the team. Leaving us will be the two newest recruits to the lineup, Casper “CadiaN” Møller and Jesper “Tenzki” Mikalski. Working with both these players have been an absolute joy and we wish both of them the best of luck for the future.

Filling the open spots, our captain Lukas “Glaive” Rossander has turned to two players that should be familiar to anyone who has followed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the highest international level. The first has played one of the most prominent roles in Copenhagen Wolves Counter-Strike history, having been a part of our most notorious and successful teams across various versions, we are extremely proud to welcome back Nicolaj “Nico” Jensen.

The player fullfilling our lineup will be the super talented and dedicated Philip “Aizy” Aistrup who was latest active for Team Dignitas, where he showed his true potential and ability to play with top of the world competetion.

Already tonight you will be able to see our new lineup in action, as we take on UberNoobz in the qualifier for the League Grand Final.

The lineup will be as follows:

Lukas “Glaive” Rossander
Jacob “Pimp” Winneche
Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye
Nicolaj “Nico” Jensen
Philip “Aizy” Aistrup