About Us

about_imgWelcome to the official website of Copenhagen Wolves.

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Copenhagen Wolves was founded upon a common belief that electronic sports had far from reached its potential despite already being a billion dollar industry. In order to make a difference in a vast market, a new and alternative approach had to be taken. After a few weeks of evaluating and strategic planning the project now known as Copenhagen Wolves was ready to be revealed to the world. The main thing we wished the project to maintain was continuity, a quality severely lacking in the electronic sports world. In order to maintain this we needed to make clear-cut guidelines for the growth and execution of strategies and set a series of values that we believe have to be a part of everything we do.


Copenhagen Wolves is a Danish based electronic sports club, which features some of the biggest stars that Denmark has to offer in various genres of competitive computer gaming. Our players are much more than just guys playing a game together for fun, they compete in major transnational tournaments and travel the continent to showcase their hard earned skills. We pride ourselves in our dedication and work ethic that has earned us the love and respect of our ever-growing fan base.

Some of our achievements
Placement Game Event Earned
8th League of Legends 2014 EU LCS Summer -
6th League of Legends 2014 EU LCS Spring -
5th League of Legends 2013 EU LCS Spring -
1st League of Legends IEM Season VIII – Cologne Amateur Tournament $ 17,000
1st League of Legends Gamescom 2013 Spring Promotion Qualifier $ 15,000
1st League of Legends Gfinity London 2013 $ 30,000
1st League of Legends DreamHack Summer 2013 $ 10,000
2nd League of Legends LCS Season 3 Tenerife Spring Promotion Qualifier $ 5,000
3-4th League of Legends DreamHack Winter 2012 $ 4,000
1st League of Legends ASUS Republic of Gamers – Paris Games Week 2013 $ 7,500
1st League of Legends International Invitational Tournament 2 $ 6,000
2nd League of Legends DreamHack Bucharest 2013 $ 2,500
1st League of Legends NorthCon 2012 $ 7,500
2nd League of Legends THOR Open 2012 $ 3,000
1st League of Legends GameON $ 2,000
3rd Counter-Strike NorthCon 2011 $ 1,000
2nd Dota 2 Samsung European Encounter $ 2,500
1st Counter-Strike Gaming.dk League Season 6 $ 1,600
1st Counter-Strike Gaming.dk League Season 7 $ 1,750
1st Counter-Strike Gaming.dk League Season 9 $ 1,700
1st Counter-Strike The Blast 2013 $ 1,750
1st Counter-Strike The Blast 2011 $ 3,500
1st Counter-Strike NetParty Fyn #14 $ 1,200
2nd Counter-Strike HKLAN 2013 $ 1,350
3th-4th Counter-Strike EMS One Season III Fall 2013 $ 4,000
2nd Counter-Strike Gaming 4 Life $ 1,250
Total $ 131,100