Copenhagen Wolves Academy sold

Today we would like to announce the sale of the three remaining players under contract with Copenhagen Wolves Academy to the organisation known as Ex Nihilo. This sale will take immediate effect which also means that Copenhagen Wolves Academy will be unable to field the required three players from the previous Challenger Series split and therefore will be forfeiting our spot.

Our Chief Executive Officer Jakob Lund Kristensen issued the following statement about the sale

“Today we announce an abrupt ending to our short tenure in the European Challenger Series as we have sold our three remaining players to Ex Nihilo. I am aware that this is a move that will be met with a lot of scrutiny from the community but I wish to ensure that this decision was made in association with our players. During our time of internal talks about possible outcomes for the team, several of our players were approached with highly interesting offers that this situation will leave them able to pursue. We wish each one of the players best of luck in their future endeavors and I must say I feel quite confident that we will see all three of them in the LCS within the reasonable future.“

This marks the end of Copenhagen Wolves Academy for now, stay tuned to our website and social media for any updates.